AED Results
 and SOS Technologies
partners with Philips Medical Systems to provide a comprehensive selection of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and accessories. Whether for businesses, schools, police or medical emergency service purchasing, the AED is only one step in initiating a Public Access Defibrillation program. With each AED purchase, we accurately determine needs and provide a thorough explanation of placement, maintenance, liability and training requirements to assure you that you can make a difference when life counts.


Philips HeartStart OnSite
List Price: $1,354.00 (Contact Us for best price)

The Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is the best choice for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. The OnSite is designed to be the easiest to use and most reliable defibrillator available. Our innovative technology, based on extensive research and user feedback, has produced a defibrillator so easy to use that you can potentially save the life of a co-worker, friend, or anyone else stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. No medical direction is required in most states.

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 Philips HeartStart FRx

List Price: $1,952.00 (Contact Us for best price)

The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to use, rugged and reliable for those who get there first. The FRx is built to surpass rigorous requirements: jetting water, loads up to 500 pounds and a one-meter drop onto concrete. On the scene with law enforcement, on the field with student athletes or on the job with employees, the FRx is the solution in environments and conditions too demanding for other defibrillators.

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 Philips HeartStart FR3

List Price: $2,799.00 (Contact Us for best price)

The new HeartStart FR3 is Philips best professional-grade AED yet and is now making lifesaving faster, easier, and better for professional responders.

As the smallest and lightest professional-grade AED available among leading global manufacturers*, the HeartStart FR3 continues Philips legacy of providing AEDs that are designed to be rugged, reliable, and to support you every step of the way

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Philips HeartStart FR2+
USED: $700.00 (Contact Us for best price)

The Philips HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator has come to be a trusted tool of professional responders and designated response teams in the workplace and public settings.

The FR2+ is designed to be highly flexible and versatile. An ECG display is available, and the FR2+ can be configuredto allow ALS responders to switch to a manual mode, giving them more decision-making control.  Each unit contains Quick Shock and Smart CPR.

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Service and Accessories

From batteries and electrode pads to cases, and cabinets, and special need items AED Results can provide equipment and services to ensure a safe, reliable, functioning AED when you need it.

Multiple SOS Technologies’ AED service plans offer assurance that your HeartStart AED will be maintained and is always ready to make a difference. Good Samaritan Laws specify that AEDs are to be maintained and tested according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Our multiple level AED service plans include on-site semiannual inspections, service records, accessory tracking and programming updates. Medical direction may be provided if needed.